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Risk Factors

  • The risk of developing prostate cancer increases as a man ages
  • Sexual preferences and behavior are not risk factors for developing prostate cancer
  • Men with a family history of prostate cancer (father, brother or uncle with prostate cancer) are at higher risk for developing prostate cancer
  • African American men have the highest incidence of prostate cancer and are 60% more likely to develop the disease compared to Caucasian men
  • Twice as many African Americans die from prostate cancer in comparison to Caucasians
  • African American men should consider a digital rectal exam (DRE) and prostate specific antigen (PSA) blood test annually beginning at the age of 40 and carefully track results each year; an increase within one year of 0.75 in a PSA score (or 25 percent or more) warrants further investigation
  • U.S. military veterans who may have been exposed to Agent Orange in Vietnam may have a greater risk of developing prostate cancer; CLICK HERE for more information.