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The Black Men’s Prostate Cancer Initiative

Black Men Should Start Prostate Cancer Screening Conversations at 401.

Why? Because Early Detection is Key.

Early detection aims to find the cancer in its early stages when treatment is most likely to be effective. The 5-year survival rate in the United States for men diagnosed with early-stage prostate cancer is greater than 99%.2


According to the American Cancer Society3, One in Seven African American Men will Get Prostate Cancer in Their Lifetimes

According to the CDC, African American Men4:


  • Are more likely to get prostate cancer than other ethnicities
  • Are more than twice as likely to die from prostate cancer than other men
  • Get prostate cancer at a younger age
  • Tend to have more advanced disease when it is found
  • Tend to have a more severe type of prostate cancer than other men


What’s Involved in Prostate Cancer Screening?

It starts with a conversation with your doctor and a simple blood test to establish your baseline numbers.

You can decide if a physical exam is best for you during that initial conversation with your doctor. Your doctor will base recommendations on your family and health history.

There are two widely used tests that are recommended to detect the possibility of prostate cancer1:

PSA – This is a simple blood test that measures the level of a protein called prostate-specific antigen.
DRE – The digital rectal exam involves a physician inserting a lubricated, gloved finger into the rectum to feel for abnormalities on the surface of the prostate.

Need to find a Primary Care Physician to get Prostate Cancer Screening?:


  • Search for doctors in your area. Research providers by insurance, specialty & procedures. Check doctor ratings, address, experience & more. Find Doctors Near You: Top Physician Directory
  • The Health Resources and Services Administration's Health Center Program provides primary and preventive care to millions of patients regardless of their ability to pay. For more information about where to locate a health center, visit Find a Health Center.


Need a Support Group?

Us TOO has created a virtual support group for black men with prostate cancer. The support group meets on the fourth Monday of every month and is facilitated by two mental health professionals, Hakim Asadi and Marcus Jones. To be added to the alert list for the Black Men’s Prostate Cancer Virtual Support Group, visit

Thanks to the experts working with us to achieve our goals:

Us TOO is proud to be merging with ZERO – The End of Prostate Cancer. Learn more about ZERO’s Prostate Cancer Racial Disparities Task Force and the work they are doing to bring awareness of prostate cancer to high-risk men, strengthen existing early detection and education initiatives, and identify new ways to further address these issues in a consistent and impactful manner.

The Black Men’s Prostate Cancer Initiative is Sponsored by:
Pfizer Foundation, Janssen, AstraZeneca, Astellas and the State of Illinois


Want to help? Need more information? Please contact Rebecca at or (773) 413-9197.

1Screening recommendations based on the National Comprehensive Cancer Network:
3 44

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